Hog Attractants

Evolved Habitats Pig Out Wild Beast Bait

Pig Out uses sweet fruit, berry and molasses flavors to draw in wild hogs. Pour it over grain or use it straight to create a wallow they’ll frequent daily. Whichever method you choose, your hogs won’t be able to get enough.

  • Long-range hog attractant
  • Distributes potent scents immediately upon application
  • Generates hog wallows
  • Habit-forming to keep hogs coming back
  • Irresistible sweet taste


Salt min- 21.20%
Salt max- 25.30%
Sodium min- 10.50%
Sodium max- 12.50%
Moisture max- 79.00%
1 gallon

Hog Wild- Wild Beast Attractant

Feral hog populations are rising, and we’ve got the number one hog attractant in the world to help you fight back. This granular feed smells and tastes like crushed berries and molasses. Hogs will root for hours to get every last morsel.


  • Ultra-concentrated powder
  • Best-selling formula brings in the whole sounder
  • Irresistible sweet berries and molasses taste


Crude Protein- 4.00%
Crude Fat- 7.50%
Crude Fiber- 22.00%
Calcium min- 7.50%
Calcium max- 9.00%
Total Sugars- 28.00%
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