Lamb Feed

Purina Honor Show Lamb Grower 15% DX- Special Order

Honor Show Showlamb Grower 15% DX feed is a textured complete feed and designed to be fed at 2.5% to 4% body weight to growing and finishing lambs. This feed may be fed to show lambs of any age or weight. Feed about 1/4 flake of a good quality alfalfa hay per day to maintain healthy rumen function. Honor Show Showlamb Grower 15% DX feed is a high energy feed intended for lambs that need extra energy to develop and maintain body condition. Honor Show Showlamb Grower 15% DX feed is supported by Purina knowledge, experience and research. Get your best animals on Honor Show Showlamb Grower 15% DX feed today so they can reach their full potential.

Complete Feed
Crude Protein- 15.00%
Crude Fat- 4.00%

Purina Lamb Grower- Special Order

Purina Lamb Grower is a pelleted lamb feed that provides all the nutrients to help develop young, growing lambs by combining grain, roughage, vitamins and mineral supplements to be an all-in-one complete feed. This 14%-protein, 2%- fat non-medicated lamb grower feed is great for all life stages.

Crude Protein- 14.00%
Crude Fat- 2.00%
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